David Shields


David Light Shields, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator at the St. Louis Community College, at Meramec. He was co-director of the Mendelson Center for Sport, Character, and Culture at the University of Notre Dame. In that role, he conducted research, designed educational programs, engaged in community outreach, built coalitions, and sponsored conferences and symposia. He also worked as a consultant with coaches, athletes, school administrators, and league officials to foster a better understanding of the relationship between competition and character. He coauthored the book Character Development and Physical Activity in 1995. Shields is founder and executive director of TrueCompetition.org, a nonprofit research and education organization focused on understanding and promoting true competition. Dr. Shields is a member of the Moral Education Association. In 2007, he was named Sport Ethics Fellow by the Institute for International Sport in conjunction with National Sportsmanship Day.