Ideas for Use:
Preservice Education

"I always used this video in my Foundations of Education class. It opens with questions for the students to consider: How do you want your class to be? What do you want included in your classroom? And so on. We are invited to experience just how a teacher begins to create classroom community and to build consensus among the students. By thinking about these important questions that take their daily lives into account and developing possibilities with partners and the whole class, the students in the video realize their ideas are taken seriously, and they become invested in their own classroom."

Comment from Karen Benson, faculty member in the multiple subjects teacher education program at California State University, Sacramento.

"Even though I know that my students have seen this video in their Foundations class, I (Joy Pelton) also used this video in my pedagogy class. Seeing the teacher ask her fifth-sixth grade students to think about “how they would like their class to be,” and the students’ conscientious brainstorming of what they think an ideal classroom would be like helps build my teacher education students’ trust in their future students’ good will. As the students in the video categorize all of their ideas under 4 or 5 headings that then become their agreed-upon classroom norms, it becomes clear that teacher and students want the same kind of classroom, one that is caring and productive. Students show how sharing values can help build a caring community that reflects prosocial attitudes and dispositions."

Comment from Joy Pelton, faculty member in the multiple subjects teacher credential program at the California State University, Sacramento.

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