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The Harry Singer Foundation

harry-singer-photoThe Harry Singer Foundation mission is to prepare participants for a future where there may be less government and a weaker safety net. Such a future would require greater individual character, responsibility and knowledge. There may be a need for responsible people able to care for themselves and their less fortunate neighbors.

HSF has archived the thoughts of teens over a twenty year period in the Teens Speak Out and the Archives forums as well as in the published books that resulted from 41 of the 46 essay contests it conducted between 1988 and 2008. Although many of these teen authors now are adults with children of their own, their research and conclusions are relevant to today's youth who must learn to make successful personal and social choices regarding their own ideology and careers. They too must withstand the peer pressure of gangs, violence, irresponsible sex and addictive substances. People change but the social issues remain.

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