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Welcome to CERCh tools and resources!

The Center for Character and Citizenship (CCC) is a designated Center of Excellence within the University of Missouri System, funded by grants, individual donations, corporate and private foundations. The CCC provides research, professional development, and other resources to assist policy-makers, educators, parents and scholars in promoting the development of character, democratic citizenship, and civil society. To further this mission, the CCC has been working on a new “field building” digital resource, the Character Education Research Clearinghouse (CERCh—pronounced “search”). CERCh is the research and development arm of the CCC and seeks to share relevant research to practitioners for best practice implementation of character education. All CERCh projects and staff are externally funded.

Active projects include the:

John Templeton Foundation

  • Cultivating Virtues: Servant Leader Development for Education
  • Building the Capacity, Quality and Readership of the Journal of Character Education

Previously funded projects include:

HTC, John Templeton Foundation, Stephen Bechtel Fund projects

  • CERCh website and online WWCE database development
  • Role of character in meeting the Common Core State Standards in K-8 Mathematics
  • Blended learning version of the Leadership Academy in Character Education (vLACE)

 Youth Empowerment in Action (YEA!) projects

  • Tobacco Education Advocacy and Media (YEA! TEAM)
  • Healthy & Active (YEA! H&A)
  • YEA!  Body Image 
  • YEA!  Healthy Corner Store Family PhotoStory

U.S. Department of Education (USED) funded grant evaluations

  • Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) – Buffalo, NY
  • Caring School Community – Statewide Implementation in Missouri
  • Carol White Physical Education Program – Saint Louis, MO