LACE™ Starter Library

Over the history of LACE™, participants have received books loosely on a monthly basis.  Most books  are written by the LACE™ workshop presenters so participants receive their books when they attend the corresponding workshop.  The following are examples of books given to LACE™ participants:

  • Berger, Ron (2003).  An ethic of excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship in Schools.  Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
  • Berkowitz, M.W. (2005). Parenting for good. Chapel HillNC: Character Development Group.
  • Berkowitz, M.W. (2012).  You Can’t Teach Through a Rat: And Other Epiphanies for Educators.  Boone, NC:  Character Development Group.
  • Character Education Partnership (1998).  A primer for evaluating a character education initiative.  Washington, DC: Character Education Partnership.
  • Character Education Partnership (2004).  Eleven principles sourcebook. Washington,D.C.: CEP.
  • Elbot, C.F., & Fulton, D. (2008).  Building an Intentional School Culture:Excellence in Academics and Character.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.
  • Elias, M.J., Zins, J.E., Weissberg, R.P., Frey, K.S., Greenberg, M.T., Haynes, N.M., Kessler, R., Schwab-Stone, M.E., & Shriver .P.(1997). Promoting social and emotional learning: Guidelines for educators. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. 
  • Lickona, T. (1991) Educating for character: How our schools can teach respect and responsibility. New York: Bantam Books.
  • Lickona, T. (2004).  Character matters: How to help our children develop good judgment, integrity, and other essential virtues.  New York: Simon and Schuster.
  • Lickona, T., & Davidson, M. (2005).  Smart and good high schools.  Washington DC: Character Education Partnership.
  • Taulbert, C.L. (2006).  Eight habits of the heart for educators: Building strong school communities through timeless values. Thousand Oaks,CA: Corwin Press.
  • Urban, H. (2008).  Lessons from the classroom: 20 things good teachers do.  Redwood City, CA: Great Lessons Press.
  • Vincent, P.F. (2006).  Restoring school civility: Creating a caring, responsible, and productive school.  Chapel HillNC: Character Development Group.

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