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vLACE Workshop Series

Video-enhanced Leadership Academy in Character Education (vLACE)

vLACE is produced by the Center for Character and Citizenship, University of Missouri—St. Louis with funding from the HTC Educational Foundation.  vLACE is a blended learning program that provides the knowledge and experiences acquired as a participant in the Leadership Academy in Character Education to audiences not able to come to the in-person monthly LACE™ workshops in St. Louis, MO.   With the leadership of a trained facilitator, the content taught by each of the nine workshops is delivered on DVDs.  Each full day workshop is delivered through segments of video followed by interactive activities. 

Each month, vLACE participants are expected to collaboratively complete, with their school team, a series of integrated assignments designed to build a comprehensive character education plan at their school site.  The vLACE materials include a replication manual that provides both the assignments and the information necessary for the LACE™ Director/Facilitator to mentor the LACE™ participants and their teams through constructive critical feedback.  

The vLACE kit contains nine individual workshop binders.  Each workshop binder includes a DVD disc and Blu Ray disc containing all the video segments to be used in each of the workshops; a biography and introduction to the speaker for the workshop; a detailed opening activity; a table of contents for the workshop video segments and activities; a summary of the entire workshop; reproducible worksheets for the activities; power point handouts; facilitator-led activities and directions; supplemental materials and a facilitator’s manual.

You can view samples of our presenters here.