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Articles of Interest

Making the Case for Character Education
The school days are packed as it is. But adding this to your curriculum could provide a great return on your educational investment.  pdf Read more... (1.58 MB)

Early Character Development and Education
This article represents an attempt to investigate what we know about character development in early childhood, in order to suggest how we can effectively promote character in early childhood education.   pdf Read more... (3.61 MB)

Teaching in Your PRIME: The Fab Five of Educating for Learning and Character
This article breaks down the five-part model for PRIME teaching, which entails: Putting academics in perspective, Relationship building, Intrinsic motivation, Modeling goodness, Empowering students. As a point of information, later publications expanding on the model indicate "Prioritizing" rather than "Putting academics in perspective."  pdf Read more... (474 KB)

Research-Supported Teacher Strategies
Reviews of the empirical research have allowed for the identification of effective practices, including interactional practices, professional development, parental involvement, role modeling, and service opportunities. This article reviews the existing research and presents such a set of research-based effective practices. Read more...

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Introduction to Double Click Democracy
pdf K-3 Voter Registration Card (44 KB)
pdf 4-12 Voter Registration Card (47 KB)
pdf Elementary books on elections (63 KB)
Kids Voting USA
Project Vote Smart
Rock the Vote


Educators A New Book for Teachers

You Can't Teach Through a Rat
And Other Epiphanies for Educators
by Marvin W. Berkowitz

Have you ever had the following student in your class?

Teacher: OK, please open your books. Who can tell me where we left off yesterday?
Student eagerly waves his hand.
Teacher: Yes, Chris.
Chris: My brother has a pet rat! 

Learn more about this book on overcoming obstacles that undermine the best educational intentions.  pdf Read more... (838 KB)


Success Stories

Ridgewood Middle School
Ridgewood had all the marks of the proverbial "failing school": high absenteeism, low academic achievement and a constant stream of discipline problems. Located in a poor community plagued by inadequate housing and meth labs, the school had graffiti on the walls, profanity echoing in the halls and a rusty chain fence surrounding it. Read more...

Mark Twain Elementary School
Educators from around the country are visiting Karen Smith, principal of Mark Twain Elementary. They want to learn how the suburban grade school in the Brentwood School District more than doubled its academic test scores in the last five while cutting bullying and other discipline issues by more than two-thirds. Read about it...

National Schools of Character
Many schools are getting it right regarding character education. The Character Education Partnership maintains a pool of qualified National Schools of Character. See the schools...

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