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ParentsParenting for Good
by Dr. Marvin Berkowitz

Parenting is not for the faint-of-heart. In this book of essays, Dr. Marvin Berkowitz, one of character development's leading educators, offers his wit, wisdom, and experiences on the joys, surprises (and everything else in between) on raising children. We've put together a compilation of the best of Dr. Berkowitz's syndicated newspaper columns, offering insight, advice, and strategies for parents with kids of all ages. 

Back to School
It takes character to succeed both in school and in life. And parents are the primary source of kids’ character. So make sure you start packing character into your kid’s life now! Read more...

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll
Parents have the greatest influence on important deep values even in adolescence. Adolescents’ moral, religious, and political values have much more to do with their parents’ values than with their peers’ values. Part 1: Sex  |  Part 2: Drugs  |  Part 3: Rock 'n Roll

Ain't it the Truth?
Honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, or whatever you want to call it, is a cornerstone of good character. So what is a parent to do? How can we help foster honesty in our kids? Read more...

Adjusting the Apron Strings
As parents, we need to think hard about juggling the balls of freedom and control. We need to think about what is really safe and what is not, but also what will breed the healthy form of independence that all our kids need to have to make it in the world. Read more...

Early Character Development and Education
This article represents an attempt to investigate what we know about character development in early childhood, in order to suggest how we can effectively promote character in early childhood education.  pdf Read more... (3.61 MB)

Character Education & Parent Involvement
For a society to endure, it must socialize each generation of youth to embody the virtues and characteristics that are essential to that society's survival and prosperity... Although school has a central role in developing students' character, the most profound impact on students' development comes from their families.  pdf Read more... (1.62 MB)

Democratic Parenting
excerpted from Parenting For Character: Five Experts, Five Practices
by Dr. Marvin Berkowitz

 When we think about parenting, lots of ideas typically come to mind: love, protection, guidance, discipline, communication, etc. . However, I want to make an argument that we should be considering the concept of democracy when we think of parenting and families. I hope both to offer some support for the power and relevance of democracy in families, and to suggest some ways we can be effective democratic parents. When the founders of this great and daring experiment in self-governance that we call a democracy first crafted the blueprints of the United States, they understood that such self-governance depended on the character or virtues of its citizens. They also understood that families...
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Good Things To Do: Expert Suggestions for Fostering Goodness in Kids
By David Streight


Parenting for Character: Five Experts, Five Practices
By David Streight

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